Call Tracking offers a range of reports allowing you to monitor how effectively your advertising is generating phone calls to your business.

Email Reports

When you activate your Call Tracking numbers, you’ll automatically receive default daily, weekly and monthly reports showing how many calls each number has received, and whether the call was answered, unanswered, or busy.

You’ll even get a report showing you your missed calls from the previous day, with their number so you can call them back.

Online Reporting System

Your Call Tracking account includes a number of pre-built default reports, designed to convey the most important information easily.

For the advanced users, you can create a range of custom reports to view online, download or automatically send to any emails of your choice. For example send one report to your online advertising agency and another to your offline agency with different information automatically.

Call Data In Analytics

If you’re tracking calls from online sources that drive traffic to your site, you automatically post your call data into your own Analytics account as events.

You can even see phone calls as part of your Real Time Analytics, and see incoming calls live.

Call Data In Google Ads

If you’re taking advantage of our Enhanced AdWords Tracking solution, you can import calls generated by your AdWords campaign into your AdWords account as conversions, where they’ll be treated the same way that a form completion will be.