Call Tracking offers a range of different features, depending on your requirements. Some of them are included by default, others are available if your requirements include them.

Track Which Marketing Works Best For Your Business

With Call Tracking, you can determine which forms of advertising work best for your business, online or off. If you can put your phone number on it, you can track how many calls it generates for your business.

Optimise Call Answering Response Times

Customise your answering policy. For example, if a call isn’t answered within a certain number of rings, automatically pass the call to a secondary number.

Answering Service

Set up an answering service for unanswered or engaged calls, and get your voice messages emailed to you so you can respond.

Real Time Online & Email Reporting

Access your call data online in real time, or set up scheduled reports to be sent via email daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your requirements. View your data on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Record Incoming Calls

Is your closing rate not everything is could be? Record and analyse sales calls to identify areas where your sales team might benefit from training to improve their efficiency or professionalism.

Call Whisperer

If you are a marketer, you can announce yourself as the referring source of the call when the recipient answers.

Missed Call Reports

Never missed another lead. If somebody calls your office, and doesn’t get through, you can set up a daily report to notify you of any missed calls from the previous day.

Compile A Database Of Incoming Numbers

Generate a report on every number that has called your business to facilitate future contact with potential clients.

API Access

If you have your own reporting system, pull data directly into your software to allow your clients to see all their data in one place.