Below you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions about Call Tracking.  If you have any questions that we haven’t covered here, please feel free to contact us directly.

Who Should Use Call Tracking?

If you spend money on advertising and marketing with the intention of generating leads, then you should be using Call Tracking to track inbound phone leads, and ensure you’re getting the best possible ROI from your marketing budget.

No matter how big or small your business, or your budget, if you advertise you need to know how well your adverts work.

What Calls Can You Track?

Online, we can track calls from website visitors, specific online sources like Facebook, email campaigns, Adwords adverts etc. and more.  When it comes to offline advertising, if you can put a phone number on it, we can track it for you. From flyers, newspaper and magazine ads, to billboards and vehicle branding, we can track your calls.

Will I lose My Existing Number?

You won’t.  A Call Tracking number is a temporary number, designed to help you determine how many calls you get from a specific source.  Your current number remains in place, and anybody who calls it will still get through.  You just won’t be able to track those calls.

How Long Is The Contract?

You can cancel your Call Tracking services at any time, with only 7 days notice.

Can You Listen In On Our Calls?

No, we can’t listen in on your calls.  If you select the option, you can record incoming calls to your Call Tracking number, and access the recordings online, but we can’t listen in on your calls.

What Numbers Are Available?

We match your Call Tracking number to the area code of the landline we route to.  If your area code begins with a 01, a 02 or a 03, so will your Call Tracking number. If you need a national number, or if your area code starts with other digits, your Call Tracking number will start with 087.

Can You Route To A Cell Phone?

By default, Call Tracking can only route to landline or VoIP numbers.  However, a 3rd Party solution is available at an additional cost.

How Do I get My Reports?

Receive daily, weekly and monthly reports via email, or log in to set up custom reports or see your Call Tracking data online.

What Information Do My Reports Provide?

Get daily, weekly and monthly reports showing the number of calls made to each Call Tracking number.  See the number the call was made from, the date and time it was made, and whether the call was answered, unanswered, or engaged.